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Wolf Moon Challenge

January 20th, 2007 (09:39 am)

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FLIST!!!!!!!!!! Long time, no see (completely my fault). Hope everyone is having a great New Year. Denver is still covered in the snow that fell a month ago. The problem is, the temperatures never get high enough to do any real melting. The top 1/2 inch of ice melts in the afternoon, so that when it goes down into the teens overnight, you have differently shaped ice in the morning. Such fun. I hate winter. I am a winter grinch. I wish I could bitch-slap winter's face.

Anyway, attached here is my submission to the Wolf Moon challenge for 2007. Hope you like it.

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Happy Holidays, Flisters!

December 25th, 2006 (11:06 am)
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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday, and stop in to say Hi. I've been working like a fiend in RL, so much so that wolfiekins had to "nudge" me to get back here and check in with everyone. It's been a busy season, so much so that I'm actually looking forward to January, something I never do. Last week's blizzard here in Denver was challenging. I had three feet of snow drifted across my driveway. Luckily, two of my neighbors helped me shovel it out. I actually DROVE yesterday!

My best Christmas gift this year was a special surprise from koshweasley and wolfiekins. They managed to talk Lucius into sending me his PIMP CANE!!! AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE! Thanks, guys!!!!

Okay, it's not really HIS pimp cane, but it's just like his pimp cane (including a wand inside!). It's the coolest thing I've ever owned, and I bet I'm one of the few people you know that gets to spend her holiday polishing Lucius Malfoy's wand!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE! Hope I don't get muscle cramps.

In the meantime - everyone have a wonderful day!!

Love you all!!

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I got the paint and carpet blues....oh yeah!

November 8th, 2006 (07:23 am)

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We are getting new paint and carpeting at my office. I am very involved in this project (it will take all of November and December), and it has not been one bit of fun, as you can imagine. Friday we got everyone moved off of the floor they're starting with, and I thought once that was done, things would calm down for a week or so. HAH! Stupid, stupid woman. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I have never seen such stupidity and cluelessness in my life. Some day I'm going to stop using the phrase "Nothing would surprise me."

On the home front - every time I take a shower in the master bathroom, the carpeting gets wet. No, it's not bad shower curtain placement! The maintenance guy says he thinks the shower valve is leaking inside the wall, and when enough of it gathers there, it seeps out under the carpeting. So, today he'll be taking the wall apart to see if he's right. At least it's not a sheetrock wall that we have to get inside of. That's one good thing about a "manufactured" home - you can get inside the walls very easily if you need to, and the reassemby is pretty painless.

It would have been nice if these events had not co-incided with the full moon, but alas, once again, my Higher Power of choice is exhibiting His sense of humor. Perhaps my nasty-ass attitude is fueling this drama. I've seen that happen before.

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Beta Appreciation Day

October 13th, 2006 (01:17 pm)

Can't let this day go by without singing the praises of my wonderful betas:

koshweasley is really amazing at making sure I keep my characters "in" character as much as possible. I have a tendency to let them float off into OOC-ville, and he won't allow that. He's wonderful for bouncing ideas around with. He's also superb at nagging reminding me to meet deadlines. Finally - he's the best YIM partner anyone could ever ask for. His grasp of the proper use of "audibles" is without match. And, he often knows what I'm going to say before I do. You can't find THAT just anywhere! Thanks so much for all your help, sweetie! I love you tremendously!

wolfiekins always catches my grammar goofs and spelling errors, and only laughs at them a little ("Gee, they sure do gots good manors at Malfoy Manner!"). Wolfie knows just how to kick my muse in her procrastinating ass. He also works patiently and diligently with me so that I don't get irretrievably lost in Pollyannaville. Yes, I CAN make friends with the dark as well. Thanks, luv! You're the greatest, and I love you bunches!

alisanne did the beta on my earliest stuff at Cipher. She was always patient and kind, and she helped me to (mostly) resolve my comma issues. For that alone, SHE deserves the Order of Merlin, First class! Thanks, Ali!

I'm not sure, but I think knightmare_shad and vlredreign may have done some beta work on my earliest Cipher postings as well. If not actual beta, then perhaps something else in the approval process. So, for whatever part you played in my fics being posted, thank you!

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Support Gay Rights? Oh HELL yeah!!

October 3rd, 2006 (06:57 am)
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I feel very strongly about this issue. Bad attitudes regarding homosexuality have impacted my family's life in a huge way.

Our homelife during my growing up years was very dysfunctional, angst-ridden, and generally in a shambles most of the time. I'm like 99.9% certain that it was because my father spent his whole life fighting against his own homosexual tendencies (something that came to light after his death last year). His fight manifested itself in the form of alcoholism and rage, which none of us understood the real reason for. We just thought we could never do anything right.

I know he tried to get "help" a few times throughout his life, but he could only go so far. When he would reach a point where he would have had to embrace who he was before he could move forward, he would abandon his therapy. He was raised in an EXTREME atmosphere of homophobia. Anything was better than admitting he was gay. Even if it resulted in emotionally abusing other people.

Having said that, I do understand that he felt powerless. Prevailing attitudes at the time felt insurmountable to him. I'm sure he truly felt that there was no other way.

Now, we are only one of countless families where this kind of dynamic may have been going on. I'm certain it's still happening quite often these days as well. A society feels justified in denying proper treatment to segments of the population that have been labeled as "less than." It could be avoided if society could get its head out of its own ass and stop the discrimination.

In this country we consider ourselves far removed/evolved from Nazi Germany. I think we still have a loooooonnnng way to go.

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Fred and George Ficathon entry

October 1st, 2006 (10:00 am)
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The following is my offering for the “Fred and George Ficathon” which was posted by xylodemon, back in early September.

I chose Prompt #14, “Fred and George are sent on a mission for the Order. Hilarity ensues. Twincest a plus, but not necessary.”

Hopefully, this will fit the bill.

Title: Snake Charmer
Category: One-Shot, CrackFic!, PWP
Pairing: FW/GW/Implied SS
Rating: Probably NC-17
Warnings: Light Beastality, Language, Implied Threesome, Twincest
Word Count: 2,386
Disclaimer: Not my characters. No money or fame will be made from this. But hopefully, some laughs will be generated.

Author Notes: Thanks to wolfiekins and koshweasley for their expert beta assistance.

Thanks especially to koshweasley for his persistent nagging and badgering support.

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Pirate Name

September 19th, 2006 (02:33 pm)

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Well, since today is "International Talk Like A Pirate" day, I just had to do the pirate name meme. This is gacked from several people. The meme encourages one to use different forms of one's name, so I did. Here are the results:

Robin Quinn: Became "Jade the Infected"
Evil Auntie Snape: Became "Dora the Pink"
Robin: Became "Stinkin' Darby Read"

As strange as it sounds, I like "Jade the Infected" the most.

Find out your own Pirate name: http://www.froggynet.com/pirate.shtml

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Happy Birthday, Wolfiekins!!!!!

September 13th, 2006 (01:53 pm)

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Since Wolfie's birthday is "sometime" this week, here's a little drabble for the occasion. Nice and dark, just the way he likes em'.....

Title: On the Run
Rating: PG
Warning: Character Death
Characters: Percy Weasley, Bill Weasley, Surprise Character
Word count: 100
Summary: What made it necessary for Percy Weasley to go into hiding?
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be mine. Damn it.


On the RunCollapse )


Have a wonderful birthday, love!

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Six Random Facts about EAS

September 9th, 2006 (10:21 pm)

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I was tagged by wolfiekins to list six random fact about myself, and then ask six people from my flist to do the same. I think just about everyone from my flist has probably already been tagged, so I will just answer with my own list. See, this is what happens when you get lost in (GASP!) CSI slash for over a week.


1. I cannot squat. I am simply unable to squat without falling over. I finally figured out it has something to do with a lack of torso length.

2. Which brings me to my second random fact.....I have very little torso length. So much so that the nurses were all laughing at me when I had abdominal surgery several years ago. "Hey, c'mere, look at this! She has no body!"

3. I bite my fingernails, unless I'm wearing acrylics. I really hate this about myself.

4. I don't watch any network TV. I prefer movies, or HGTV. So, I'm missing a whole segment of cultural information.

5. I am a classic movie freak. I'm talking the old stuff. I'm talking 30s & 40s.

6. I have horrible eating habits these days. Absolutely terrible. It's a wonder I'm still standing up.

Okay - guess that's enough for now.

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August 28th, 2006 (08:48 am)

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...I just told my supervisor that I was afraid to stay at work today, because I'd been informed that aliens are going to be landing outside our building, and they are on the hunt for random middle-aged, chunky, dark-haired females.

Well, as you can see, I'm still here.

The bitch.

I really don't like Mondays.