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Almost time!!!

July 20th, 2007 (06:21 am)

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Well, in 17 hours and 39 minutes, I can maybe have my book! Legally! I'm so excited! I didn't get myself in gear in time to get on the "guaranteed" list at the local Borders Bookstore, so I was put on the "waiting" list. This meant that I would have to get to the bookstore as early as possible today, and get a colored armband in order to ensure my place in the lottery that would commence once all of the people on the "guaranteed" list got their books. Earlier this week, however, I got a pre-recorded voicemail from the bookstore saying that my book would indeed be available at the "stroke of midnight" on July 21st. So, I don't know whether this means that the bookstore realizes that they have enough books for both the guaranteed list and the waiting list people, or if I got that voicemail only because I'm on the waiting list, and it's still questionable.


You know, this is NOT the time to torment me with vague promises! I think I'll call the bookstore later and speak to an actual person.

In the meantime - everyone have a wonderful weekend!